The Jaw breaking Great White Shark

This information about the great white is very interesting


“Great white sharks are the largest and most fierce predators in the ocean” Great whites are very unique in many different ways. One being that their scientific name, Carcharodon carcharias, means “Sharp tooth” in the Greek language. As you may know, great white sharks have many different eating habits. These large beasts have a very interesting body structure and appearance. Like humans, these giant creatures have a habitat around most of the world, surprisingly enough. Without a doubt, they need to have a large diet to survive on its own otherwise, it will be food to other large animals.
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Go Fish

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed participating in the go fish activity. During this class, I bought fish, a fish tank, some decor, food, and lots more. It was all put together like I was actually buying fish. I learned a lot such as adding tax and working with money. I liked all of the parts of it but my favorite part was actually buying the fish and putting it all together.


Although they are the largest predators in the ocean, they can still be eaten by other animals. Because great white sharks have an amazing body structure and their appearance is gorgeous, they live around most of the world, and have a massive diet, they are very unique. It’s hard to believe, but you may find them with their eyes rolled back into their head to protect their eyes. Their habitat is decreasing, so that means that they are dying way too quickly because of hunting and other animals eating them. Sharks’ diets are very important because without getting the necessary nutrients and fat, they will not be able to survive. Without a doubt, all sharks have a very interesting lifestyle.