Corporate Social Responsibly


  • Recycling- They’re trying to develop more environmentally friendly cups. Also, working hard to expand their recycling program in an effort to reduce the waste they create.
  • Energy- They are working hard to become more energy efficient, and they're working hard to minimize their energy consumption.
  • Climate- Climate change poses a serious threat to the world’s coffee-growing regions and they're aggressively pursuing strategies to address the problem.


  • Suppliers- Starbucks encourages diversity in their suppliers by actively seeking out women and minority-owned businesses to do business with.
  • Customers- Starbucks expands a great experience to all customers, recognizing and responding to their unique preferences and needs.
  • Partners- They seek out and engage partners who are diverse.

Employee Well-Being

  • Healthcare Reform- As a long-time provider of health coverage to full-time and eligible part-time employees, Starbucks has been a steadfast supporter of meaningful healthcare reform.
  • Employee Wellness- The Thrive program provides partners with a variety of tools, resources and benefits aimed at helping all our partners incorporate wellness into their daily routine.
  • Policy- They're continuing to find new ways to provide nutritious foods and beverages for their customers.