12th Milton Guides Gazette

1st Meeting September 21, 2015


Welcome to all the 12th Milton Guide Families, new and returning!!!!

We are sending this information newsletter regarding our very exciting 2015-2016 Guiding year.

Meeting Rules

Please have your daughter use the washroom prior to the meeting. labelled water bottle, indoor running closed non marking shoes. If there is not proper footwear, your daughter may not be able to participate in certain activities for safety reasons.


Dues are $30 per year, this is for badges, craft supplies, unit supplies, snacks, party supplies, and visitors that we have come to the meetings for special events. Dues are due by October 19 2015.


All outings require you to sign in and out your daughter with a Guider. Permission forms (SG2) are sent via email prior to the event/outing with a due date. Please turn the SG2 forms in on time.

We base safety ratios and supplies on the number of girls that have turned in the SG2 forms. If you have not turned in the SG2 by the due date, please do not show up to the event with the SG2 form. Your daughter will not be allowed to stay and participate.

Some outings are limited for safety ratio and are offered as a first come first served basis. So far this has worked out for our unit and no one has been left out. But don't wait until the last minute since there are 33 girls in our unit this year.


The preferred method of communication for the 12th Milton Guides is E-mail. Your questions will be answered in a timely manner. The email address for our unit is mailto:12thmiltonguides@gmail.com There will be a monthly newsletter sent, so stay tuned.


For any money due for camps, outings, cookie sales etc..., you can pay in cash, and a receipt will be given to you, or cheque made out to Girl Guides of Canada. There is also an online payment option. Girl Guides of Canada will be sending you an email with instructions how to set up your online payments,which gets directly deposited into the unit account under your daughters name.

Health Forms (H1)

An H1 form will be sent in a separate e mail. Please fill out the H1 form completely and attach a recent photo. Please bring it to the first meeting. If there are no allergies, please state so on the form in the allergy section. Also fill in the height and weight section. If there are other people responsible for picking up your child, please make sure their name is filled out on the health form as well. The emergency contact person should be someone who would be able to come and pick up your child in case of emergency.


From time to time we could use some extra help. If you wish to volunteer more that twice throughout the year, Girl Guides of Canada requires a Police Check and the A7 form (sent with the H1 form email) filled out. The Police check does take about 6 weeks to obtain, and costs $15. Just go to your local Police station to apply. Thanks in advance !!!!
We look forward to a fun year and can't wait to see you all!!!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

12th MIlton Guiding Team

Cleo, Firefly, Rainbow, Gecko, and Dragonfly