Archives War

Austin Citizens take actions!

Mexican Raids Launched!

Upset by Mirabeau Lamar's administration actions, General Vasquez and over 700 of his soldiers, under Mexico's control, started attacking several Texas settlements. These settlements included San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and several others. As panic grew, President Sam Houston began to fear an attack on Austin.

Archives Dispute | The War Begins!

As President Houston's fears grew, he decided to move all of Capital's government documents, or archives, away from Austin. Angelina Eberly and several other Austin citizens were not fans of this decision. Suspicion arose that this was a plan to attempt to move the capital back to Houston. Austin citizens put their thoughts into actions and began to fire at officials loading archives onto wagons. This battle, led by Mrs. Eberly, didn't last very long and her army ended up victorious. The documents ended up staying in Austin, and this battle will go down in history as the Archives war.