The New England Daily News

By: Cameron and Victoria

Puritan minister tells of busy schedule

In the puritan life religion is very important. People went to church all day on Sunday. They in forced many rules like the way people acted, the clothes people wore and the education people had. In the church people sat on hard wooden benches all day because they cared so much about religion.

Local fisherman and shipbuilder tell of amazing catches and huge demands for ships.

Many people fish in New England and it was very hard work. Most of the time people called in huge loads. One time a captain name John Smith visited New England and he caught 60,000 cod in only one month. When people fish they did not stop to eat or sleep. A cook held food in front of them so they could eat and sleep at the same time. Just like fishing many people were ship builders. The tallest trees were used to make masts. The settlers used the forest to supply wood that they needed. They built ships for the navy and many other things.

Amount of natural resources available fortunate for New England colonies

People from the New England colonies use their resources as much as they can. They use wood (lumber) from the forest to make ships. They grow food like grain so they can eat not go hungry. They fish so they wont be hungry. They catch fish and whale.

Local and Put In Stocks for a Week

A stock are used for punishment most of the times. The man that was put in the stock for a week , broke the moral code and got publicly shamed if front of his friends, family, neighbors. The man was upside down, standing on his head and arms in the stock. Being put in the stock especially for a week will bring shame, dishonor, and humiliation to your whole family. Once you get put in they will regret breaking the law (moral code) as soon as they get put into the stock.

Massachusetts farmers talks about land

Everyone thinks that farmers are crude because their soil was very rocky and wasn't fertile which isn't good for the crops. But it wasn't the farmers fault the climate can change and impact the crops instantly with rocky soil. Food is one of the most of the important resources because you can trade with other people for other people for other goods and you can eat the crops.

New England wife tells of Daily Business

Who need women? Well actually, we all do. Women clears land for their family. Women also gathered food for their family to eat survive and thrive the community. During the fall, women makes candles to see throughout the day if needed. On a good day, one woman can make about 200 candles. Women makes clothes for their family to keep warm and survive. Guess what women barely have any rights and they are doing all this work for nothing. Every sunset to sunrise basically.

A Day in the life of New England Kid

Every family is different but how each kids act in each family is the same. Girls and boys have to have manners at the table saying "please," "thank you," and more. When everyone eats something with bones, they can't put it under the table. Its part of having manners. Kids wants to throw it under the table because they have to eat quickly but they have to be quiet while eating. kids have hard time during dinner time.