Digital Etiquette

What are the subliminal rules of the internet

What is Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is a basic guideline of the Internet; unfortunately people disregard half these rules. Never say certain phrases on the internet, you're not helping anyone:

*When someone asks a question on what something is please don't say ''Google !t u scrub." That and "U don't know it! your bad kid"

*Secondly, don't beg for compliments on the internet. How will begging to strangers make you look better. (e.x. some girl on Facebook who dressed up all fancy and all the makeup she could but then would say "man today is such a casual day".)

* Digital Etiquette isn't completely on the internet, online gamers have all the same problems. Don't be the one guy to scream and heave into the mic. You sound like Taylor Swift in a tornado.

Online Video Etiquette

This one need to be said in it's own category because there is so much wrong with some of this. First don't beg for people to go on your channel on another person's video on Youtube. It doesn't work. Also don't post a video on any video watching service saying (Watch Shrek for free) then in the video it's just black and in the description it sends you to a link to a bootleg website that you have to pay $44.99 for a weeks worth of bad movie watching.

Grammar Etiquette

Grammar is important on the internet to the people who disregard the etiquette. First there are the guys who type things like "You're just a Oboma Sapoter" (Obama Supporter)

Though half the time we don't know what they are saying. Then there are the "Grammar Naz*s". They are given that name by the internet citizens. They will correct every mistake you make no matter how small and they are everywhere.

Gaming Etiquette

Gamers have no etiquette what so ever. Let's say in Dota 2 you successfully completed a "Wombo Combo'' There will probably be a little kid shouting " You Riki using little hacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That and the Rage Quiters; I don't need to explain them.