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1. Parallels Desktop "Windows 10 will not run on this PC" Error Message

Parallels Desktop creates a great platform to allow the Mac users to use Windows applications as well along with the Mac apps without any technical problem. But with the updates of Windows 10, most of the users are encountering an error message that reads like “Windows 10 will not run on this PC.” There may be incompatibility between the software packages, stopping some certain set-up keys from getting Windows 10 installed on your Mac computer.

If you are among those who encounter such error message, this is not a big problem as you can resolve it easily without any technical issues. Else, you can also dial Parallels support phone number dial here or directly contact Parallels support for Windows 10. Here in this write-up, we will discuss all the important steps that you can execute to fix the problem that you are coming across. Read more at

2. Install or Upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11

Want to say “Hey Cortana” on your Mac computer? You must thank to the upgraded Parallels Desktop 11 that includes advanced features and technologies to support Windows 10 operating system.

The latest edition of Parallels virtualization software is all designed to support Windows 10 in “Coherence Mode” that refers to a platform that can allow you to run Windows 10 OS with its all applications alongside the native Mac applications. More importantly, the latest Parallels 11 will also be supporting the latest Mac OS X EI Capitan.

Parallels, which hit the market recently, is said to have enhanced performance – increasing the launching and shut down period 50% quicker than that of previous edition. And file operation has been enhanced by 20% faster, allowing the users to have a better experience with the virtualization machine. Read more at

3. How to Increase Virtual Machine Performance on Mac

Virtual machines are the most popular beasts, offering a common platform to use two most-preferred operating systems – Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. over the period; we have seen a steep growth in Parallels virtual machine software to meet the changing framework of updated operating systems.

Regardless of all the advanced features and technologies included in the VMware, a number of users have been found to have slow performance issue while using the software to run Windows applications alongside the Mac OS. In this condition, you can select third party tech support professional for improving Virtual machine performance visit Parallels support site or dial Parallels support phone number. Read more at

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