What's the Buzz?!?

5/6 Parent Meeting Recap: March 16, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is so wonderful to plan this student experience alongside all of you and have your support in this endeavor. I truly believe that outdoor education will enhance the learning experience of each student as well as help them to grow as an individual and be a partner in their own learning. I would like to thank all of you who were able to attend the parent meeting last evening and provide some details to those of you who were unable join us.

After careful discernment and prayer, and with Father Bline’s blessing, I have decided that we will kick off our first year at camp with a one day extended day experience for our students. Our ability to customize this year’s experience still allows our students to participate in team building activities, academic and spiritual classes, as well as experience the beauty of God’s glory in nature. Additionally, it allows us the time to fully prepare our students, parents, and teachers for such a wonderful opportunity. Although this decision was not easy, I felt that it was extremely important in the long term success of Outdoor Education experience for our 6th grade students.

The extended day experience will require us to leave St. Francis de Sales around 7:00 am and return around 10:30 pm. Because of the extent of the activities and the drive time that the trip entails we would like to offer Tuesday, April 26 as a free day for SIXTH grade students to relax, reflect, and recuperate. However, if a day off does not suit your family situation we will have a regularly scheduled day for your student at St. Francis de Sales.

I’d like to thank you for your support in our fundraising efforts. The money raised has allowed us to cover the transportation cost for each 5th and 6th grade student on their respective field trips.

Our goal in having 5th grade parents attend this evening’s meeting was to best prepare all parties for what to expect for next year’s trip. It is our hope that the success of this year's extended day trip will lead into an overnight trip for next year's 6th grade students. The powerpoint presentation that was offered tonight will be available on the website by the end of the week in addition to being sent home in the Thursday folder. Additionally, there will be more information sent home regarding the upcoming 5th grade trip to the Great Lakes Science Center.

I am looking forward to a number of opportunities to watch our students grow spiritually, personally, and academically over the next couple of months and into the next school year. I thank you for your continued support in each facet of your students' educational experience at St. Francis de Sales.

With Christ’s Light,

Miss Buzzelli

What's Up Next....

  • This Friday students will receive an updated itinerary for the extended day trip as well as a checklist of needed forms and payments so that we can help keep the students organized. Since we will be doing the extended day trip the cost will reduce to $60.
  • Students are encouraged to submit a T-shirt design for approval that students will wear the day of camp. As a kick off incentive, and recognition of the first 6th grade to attend Camp NuHop, St. Francis de Sales would like each student to receive a t-shirt on behalf of the school! All designs should be submitted to Ms. Buzzelli no later than Thursday, March 24.
  • We send and updated list of what to wear and what to bring and the trip nears.
  • For those of you who were unable to attend the presentation, please see the attached link for a virtual tour of camp! http://nuhop.org/