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Province of New Jersey

The province of New Jersey was founded by John Berkeley. It was established in 1664. It was first East Jersey and West Jersey but was united as one in 1702. It was considered a U.S. State in 1776. The boundaries of the state was slightly larger but where finalized in 1773.


Our currency is pound sterling. We have a constitutional monarchy witch is lead by Philip Carteret.

Our Founders:

First State Constitution

New Jersey's first state constitution was adopted on July 2, 1776. The American Revolutionary War was underway and General George Washington recently had been defeated in New York, putting the state in danger of invasion. The 1776 New Jersey State Constitution was drafted in five days and ratified within the next two days to establish a temporary government, thereby preventing New Jersey from collapsing and descending into anarchy. Among other provisions, it granted unmarried women and blacks who met property requirements the right to vote.