come to are camping party

you will feel a little close to nature

We will have animals from different regions of North and South America. Also different kind of flowers and fruits for an example we will have lizards from Central America and May flowers from South America and granadilla from Mexico.

A Little Close To Natrure

Saturday, Sep. 14th 2013 at 9:15am

Lewisville Lake, The Colony, TX


There will be a place for that we will set up are tents and spend the night at.



At 6:59 am we will have marshmallow by the fire so we can make smore.


At 12:00 pm we will have a water slide for the kids so they can slide into the water.


At 2:00 the parents will race against the children like potato sack race, laser tag , and who can fill the pool with water first.