Staff Bobcat News

Week of 10/15-18

  • 10/14 NO SCHOOL
  • 10/15 RC Due to ILT
  • 10/16 Fall Festival Ticket Sells starts
  • 10/17 RC go home
  • 10/17 SDC Meeting
  • 10/18 SCOPE Observations
  • 10/21 Awards Day during specials
  • 10/22 Junior Achievement
  • 10/23 Parent Center Grand Opening
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  • 10/18 - Kinder - Oil Ranch
  • 10/25 - 1st - Oil Ranch
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Are you monitoring student success? How?

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  • Tuesday - Orange short or Astros shirt
  • Wednesday - Orange short or Astros shirt
  • Thursday -Orange short or Astros shirt
  • Friday - Halloween Shirt and jeans
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Remember to stop by the bulletin board outside the lounge and read your "Shout Out" and maybe give a "Shout Out"!

Don't Forget

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  • Remember to text or call your supervisor if you're going to be late or absence
  • Make sure you enter your absence if your're going to be out
  • Check your email and mailbox before school, during lunch, planning, or after school
  • Attendance Count due by 8:30 at the end of the hall
  • Remind students to refrain from opening doors for anyone
  • Problems with ESP, attendance, grading – See Mrs. Montanez (PK, 2nd , 3rd) Mr. Shy (K, 1st, 4th)
  • All transitions in the hall is Level 0
  • Refrain from eating in your class during instructional time
  • Refrain from leaving your class unattended at anytime
  • Turn in your daily dismissal check list to your supervisor before you leave for the day (PK, 2nd, 3rd) Montanez, (K, 1st, 4th) Shy
  • Only enter the front office via door by counselors
  • Check for uniforms daily
  • Student and staff must wear IDs at all times
  • Staff must have key cards on at all times
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Gloria Price, Principal

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.......

  • Administration Cell numbers:
  • Gloria Price 832-256-7271
  • Aisha Monatanez- 832-306-6055
  • Cecil Shy - 713-628-9792