What is geothermal energy

The Earth is constantly generating naturally occurring energy. This heat is known as geothermal heat, and can be used to produce electricity. Electricity produced from geothermal energy is environmentally friendly and renewable.

How it works

Geothermal energy is hardest to achieve because it only works in volcanic places. Geothermal is achieved by taking heat from deep from the Earth’s crust and cooling it and the steam produced turns a turbine which generates electricity.

How is it used in foreign countries

The United States is the best place for geothermal energy. 77 geothermal power plants, and growing, generate15 billion hours of electricity per year. In California “The Geysers” geothermal hotspot has over 1,500 MW of installed capacity.

Is it used in australia?

Yes, there is currently 1 geothermal power plant in Australia. it is located at one small binary power station at Birdsville in western Queensland. In other courtiers such as New Zealand it is used more because it has more volcanic activity.

Do I use renewable energy?

Yes, I use solar powered garden lights and we also use solar heating for our pool. The heat from the sun is captured because dark colours attract sunlight and the pipes that the water goes through are black.

Should we use more renewable

Most officials predict that energy demands will rise by a substantial amount in the next ten years. If Australia does not address the increasing energy demands, our country will fall apart because there won't be enough electricity to power homes or oil to power vehicles.