Join the Book Club

at the Yergey Library

The Book Club has chosen our next book!

Join us as we begin reading the next book for the Yergey Library's Book Club is The Quality of Quiros, by Robert Raynolds. From the dust jacket:

" . . . a compellingly dramatic history in narrative of an actual voyage, a uniquely meaningful instance in man's immemorial struggle to create peace in the midst of evil. Each reader will feel a deep and urgent parallel with our own age and its stark challenge of violence, and understand the story as suggesting by what means we may perhaps create a time of peace out of a crisis of evil."

The Yergey Library has three copies available for check out. Email the librarian, Ashlie, to reserve your copy.

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The Book Club

Sunday, May 3rd, 9am

The Yergey Library

The Book Club now meets every other month even if we're not finished with the book. John McConnell will lead the the discussion for The Quality of Quiros.

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