Brain Cancer

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What is brain cancer?

A tumor in the brain is a result of tissue growth that is not part of normal brain development. Sometimes this growth is made up of non-cancerous cells, in which case the tumor is benign. But either a non-cancerous tumor can be harmful depending on its location in the brain. In other cases, the tumor is made up of cancerous cells, in which case the tumor is considered malignant. These tumors can grow rapidly and can spread to other parts of the brain and the spinal cord (Carson-Dewitt).
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Fig. 1. Tumor inside brain (Gregoire).

New Discoveries in the Field

Recent research conducted at Stanford University has discovered that increased brain activity actually stimulates the growth of brain cell tumors. A specific protein that is involved in the development of new synapses also helps in the growth of brain tumors. Researchers don't think that a feasible solution would be to have patients stop thinking (or initiate a medically induced coma) but it does provide some insight for possible treatment options. For example, scientists can learn more about they way neurons cause the tumor to grow and develop therapies based on that knowledge (Gregoire).
What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors?
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