Chase's Carts



The Red River Carts' first appearance was in 1801 at Fort Pembina, just south of what is now the United States border. The carts soon became common sights between Canada's Red River.


- Easy to fix

- Wheels can be taken off to cross water

- Canvas can be put above the cart to protect the contents or provide shelter


- Loud squeaking from the wheels

- Wood rots over time

- Wood is vulnerable to all the elements

Who invented the Red River Cart

It was invented by the Metis people in the early 1800s

The Impact

They were simple and cheap so anyone can afford them. They can be turned into a raft if needed to go over water. They can carry 900+ pounds!


It was important to settling the West because it brought all of our resources and weapons needed to survive. It was also used for trade.
Red River Cart - Bruce Osborne playing.