Eddy Kohai


What is media?

The media is everywhere and is used by practically anyone with a smart phone or a computer. It’s a way of staying connected with your friends’ lives, by seeing daily posts of pictures and things that they have on their mind. The best part is that it’s all instant, but the media in a sense is a trap. Hackers can steal information, sites can sell your info to third parties, and there is always long boring terms and conditions to agree too. I believe some people are scared of social media and so they avoid using it. They are afraid of being ridiculed for posting something dumb or being made fun of and talked about so they cover it up by calling media lame and pointless. I personally believe media is an amazing tool to be used to all of its advantages. I use it for entertainment, and a way of expressing myself through what I post. The people missing out on social media are Media Illiterate. To me being Media Literate is a great thing, it means you know all about the newest, hottest, media sites everyone goes on and that you participate in most of them regularly. In today’s society it’s a benefit to be Media Literate or you would miss out on all the current trends, sports news, and entertainment media has to offer. Life would be boring and you would fall behind on things your friends are doing because of the conversations that go on in the media but not in real life. Media is a tool and like all tools it should be used, I believe it brings more good than evil as long as it’s kept appropriate.

Modest Proposal

Justin Bieber Ejected to Lawrenceville

Eddy Majksner, Paparazzi; Reporter

ATLANTA- On the streets of Atlanta, frantic protesters swarm street corners to raise awareness against Justin Bieber.

But Justin Bieber says he should be allowed to live anywhere if he could afford it.

"Is you mad or naw," replied Bieber, who recently was convicted for DUI in Miami.

He said for people to ignore the loud noise from the parties and the eggshells in their yards.

The neighbors of Justin's new residence had this to say" Justin has done nothing but ruin the area the two days he has been here with his toxic behavior,"

The residence of the area all signed a petition that had over one hundred signatures.

Bieber is being forced to live in Lawrenceville, but he just won't learn.

"I don't know what these peoples' problems are who wouldn't want me to live near them." Bieber says.

The people of Lawrenceville recommend Bieber buys a home in the desert. They agree no one will complain about his noise and eggshells if he leaves.

His new home in Lawrenceville is a medium sized $200,000 urban home.

Bieber lives out the rest of his days turned down by the residence. When he's not in the studio or on tour he is throwing pool parties in the desert.

Watch Ellen's Beats Music Commercial


BeatsMusic and AT&T in their 2014 Super Bowl commercial suggests that BeatsMusic has great quality songs for a wide variety of people. BeatsMusic expresses its notion by using the story of "Goldilocks and The Tree Bears", but substituting the porridge with BeatsMusic. The company's purpose is to persuade you to think that for only fifteen dollars your whole family could listen to an unlimited amount of songs at any time supplied by BeatsMusic. The companies intentionally use humor for families that have up to five members targeting adults ages twenty five to forty five.

Bronze Players "The letter I"

These incredibly incompetent incapable toxic fools continually infect individuals. Their illogical irrelevant behavior imposes their knowledge of identifying a situation in which they are wrong. Showing no effort of improvement only instinctive yelling. Their impulses drive me insane invading every aspect of isolating incompetence. Like permanent ink, these idiots stain the community immensely.While the search for valuable players remains inconsistent the pairing of good and bad is infinite.

The South Wins

Civil War Tactics

The Civil War, was a fight between the North and the South for state's rights and slavery. The South argued that blacks are lesser people than white and that only 3/5 of all blacks would be counted in an area. The North didn't like that and decided to step in one day. It was considered to be the first modern war because of the musket rifling and mini ball. It was a fight between Americans equaling a total of 600,000 deaths. It was a tragic time, but after the South won everything Honest Abe had been building up came crashing down. Blacks were now even lesser of beings forced outside to adapt to the sun. Your status was determined by the amount of colored people you had on your land. Colored people were not seen in government, voting poles, or schools. Blacks worked in factories doing odd jobs; if they didn't pick cotton they became miners. Each day Coloreds risked their lives' for their owners. Movies, advertising, and TV didn't feature and Coloreds. The Coloreds with talent were often wasted and unknown. The popular ones that could perform would usually be found at bars or nightclubs as unpaid employees. Boxing consisted of mostly Coloreds until the main event. The world was easier for Non-Coloreds, as leaders and owners of Coloreds some had maids for choirs around the house, workers that were handy for lifting, no matter the case a Colored was helpful in assisting. Segregation was huge, and interracial marriage was unspoken of. Coloreds were not allowed to raise White peoples’ children. The Whites feared if their children where care for by Coloreds their children would grow up with compassion for them and would eventually rebel for equal rights. Children were taught that Coloreds where to help Whites with no expectation of help in return. Whether the sun was up or down the Coloreds would be working. Coloreds could be sold, won in a raffle, gambled, or used as gifts. The Coloreds where not allowed to carry a gun, if found with a gun the person would be beaten. Coloreds could not gather together without a White person present, and mirages between slaves were not legally binding, so they could be split up by the master at any point in time. Coloreds could not use public transportation. Though most where mistreated and abused curtain needs had to be met. Owners of slaves had to keep them fed, and always had to give them water. When it was too hot owners had to issue breaks to not overwork and cause further problems. The owner had to provide a place for their slaves to sleep and where to keep them on their land. If a slave was to escape a neighboring person was to return them back to be punished. In this society each race had a role to play. Whites where responsible for government and higher problems while Coloreds where to get their hands dirty to benefit others. Both work to keep each other alive.

I wrote this to show how important it was that the North won.

1984 Theme Song

This song fits absolutely beautifully for 1984. The book's setting is a dystopia, and everyone is equal to robots. Most are poor and are under constant watch under the party. There is a lot of pain and suffering in this world, but the worst part is the instability to rank up in society. "Their tears are filling up their glasses", is close to how scared people are of the thought police and how society has too many problems to count. "Bright and early for their daily races", the duties of the people start early in the morning beginning with fitness, and continue daily jobs in repetition from morning to night. "The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’d ever had", this is exactly how Winston felt, like there was no point in living only to work and serve. The atmosphere of the song makes me think of Winston whenever he walks in big crowds or during the two minutes of hate. It’s a depressing song that gets people to open their eyes, and the tone in the book is miserable. I believe the song expresses everything the book stands for almost word for word.

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very mad world mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
And I feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very mad world ... mad world
Enlarging your world
Mad world
Mad World - Gary Jules

My Reflection

This literature class has taught me overall to think differently. I can honestly say this class has made me a better writer. My writing isn't passive and I can construct sentences clearer than ever before. I have retained most of the knowledge taught during instruction and life lessons just by paying attention. I'll forever have my skills in writing skills, along with the wisdom to help others succeed where I have failed. Think deeper, write stronger, and have a purpose worth standing for to keep you on task throughout life. Every day was worth going because the style of teaching was different. There was never a boring moment in class. It was the most engaging literature class I’ve ever had, the work was never busy and was graded down to the last question. I feel every grade I receive is earned. Other language arts classes aren't as motivating. From the first day I was expected to preform higher than a regular college prep class. When my brick was added to the wall, I decided to give one hundred percent. Most people won't believe in college prep level abilities; kids are underestimated constantly. This is a one of a kind class taught by a diamond in the rough. A few activities gave me insight to who I am, and how I could sum up my entire past to strengthen my future. I enjoyed taking media literacy in the given environment. If given the chance to change anything, I wouldn't. It's the reason I exert effort, the reason I feel motivated, and the reason why I am successful. Changing an environment I love shouldn't be done. My favorite assignment is the final. It's clever and useful for now, my younger brother, and my children. I will save that final and pass it down because it has meaning that will be true for all future generations when I'm gone. Writing to me is about self-expression. This class taught me to express myself.


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