WPBA 7/26/15

Upcoming GLC Connect Event

We are going to have a connect event in the last two weeks of August. Josh and Kourtney have generously invited us to their home for this grand event. More details about the event, and the time and place, will be coming in soon.
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Don't forget how you can make cash from us!!

Please don't forget to about our referral reward system. For every friend, family member, and even frememies referred to our gym you will receive $50 once they sign up! Thanks to everyone who has talked about us so far. We've given out more than $250 so far, and aren't afraid to give out more. Again, thanks for talking!

Coaching tip!

Knees out. When we're down in our squats one thing we want to concentrate on pushing those knees out, also know as knees apart. As you look at the picture below, please note that my legs aren't buckling in on the inside of my feet. The weight is distributed back on my heels, and the outside of my feet. If you were to draw two lines on my left leg, one from my hip to knee, and one from my heel to center toe you would note that the angle of the thigh spreads further away from my body. This provides torque in the hips, keeps the knee in a stable position, and uses the glutes and hamstrings over the quads. Very important to stay back in the squat with our knees out all the way down, and all the way up!! See me for better clarification if you have any questions.
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See you this week