Foreign Affairs

Took a stand against apartheid

What was the reform ?

The Australian labor party announced racially selected teams would be not be allowed to play rugby in Australia.

why was it introduced ?

This reform shows the level racism in the international regions and Whitlam wanted to change this racist society, making southern Africa being shunned upon.

what would the positive impacts be ?

The positive impacts of the reform, would include the world coming together and standing against racism, allowing other countries to see bond together making a racially free society .

who did the reform neglect?

The Reform would neglect upon the southern African ruby team.

who would oppose the reform ?

The southern African team would oppose the reform as

, it had negative impacts on the way in which the Sothern African team acted in a racist manner towards one another, as players maybe racially discriminated and not be given a fair chance throughout the rugby game.

what would / could the positive impacts be ?

The positive impacts of this reform include bullying a racially free society, making other countries follow Australia's lead in terms of racism. Also this builds a bond between countries leading countries to have business plans such as imports and exports, supporting our economy.

who would support the reform , and who did it target?

Many Australians supported the reform , however the the Sothern African team opposed to this reform as it forced them to change their team and the way in which they portray themselves. Hence putting the reform forward.