Whats important to me

Hannah Lail

My Influences

  • Papaw
  • Dad
  • mom
  • Bailey

Marching Band

North Buncombe Marching Blackhawks Madison Game 2014


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My Papaw

my papaw

One of the people i think has mostly influenced my life and shaped me to be who i am today is my papaw . Because through my childhood he has given me great advice that i was carry through my adulthood . When i was younger i was going through a lot of hard times with my family and his advice just helped me get through the situation. Another reason why my papaw has had a great influence on my life is he said stuff my parents never could. what i mean is he explained the stuff i didn't understand at a young age . He would always say the coolest quotes to me when i was younger like when i was sad he would always say "Keep Smiling" and that would always put a smile on my face . So yes you could say my papaw has had a very big impact on my life.