Ben Carlson

By Anna Rudolf

Who is this with crazy fast feet racing down the rink he amines he scores! Guess who this is? The answer is the one Great ,smart, awesome one and only Ben Carlson.

Who is Ben Carlson? here are some awesome things about him. You already know he is great at hockey but may not know he is great at football too! Here are some other things you probably don't know about Ben Carlson. He is 11 years old and his favorite food is mack-an-cheese and the funniest thing I found about him is that when he was 6 years old he crashed into a tree on his little toy car.

here is something I did not even know! he lived in 3 states. Guess which ones they are. you got it . he first lived in Illinois then he moved all the way to Eau Clair , Wisconsin but after that he did not stop there after that he moved tho the one and only Mankato, Minnesota.

here are some more cool facts about him and about his leaning. he is a phenomenal reader and even though he is quite he work s extremely hard at everything that is a challenge. and if you ever saw his writing you would know it was his because he uses every little detail.

About his amazing family. he has one awesome sister that is in 9th Grade and one amazing mom and one great dad. but don't forget about the there great dog Blade. And that was my story on the one and only Ben Carlson.