Mixed By: Bryan P. and Lataysia H.

The Most Safest Economic System Ever

Benifits Of Our System

Every opinion is expressed. You may do whatever you want within good reason.An awesome person like you could work at a company such as sears or a government owned business like the american bank.

Facts On Our System

  • Making private businesses into public businesses , which is totally up to the owner of the company
  • After it goes public the investor can buy different shares from different company
  • If the company you invested grows, then you as the investor gets some of the money
  • since our economy is mixed, some of our businesses are owned by the government and others are owned by the citizens of the country.
Mixed Economy


Some people say they worry about poverty though poverty is actually what a mixed economy is trying to reduce. Having a mixed economy is very good for financial reasons because the government and the citizens have a choice on how the many system works.


Mix up your economy with Mixed Economy