Galaxy 26 Gazette

News from Miss Hensley's Class

May 6, 2016

News and Information

ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED A LARGE PAPER GROCERY BAG at school by May 20th. (Or a reusable bag that has a flat bottom and can stand on its own)

Address Changes for Report Cards

** Report Cards will be mailed to your homes after school is out. If you address has changed since the beginning of the year, please log into your Skyward account and make those changes.

Field Trip Permission Slip and Money

Please return the permission slip and money for the May 13 field trip to the Children’s Museum as soon as possible. Chaperon names will be drawn on Monday, April 18- so if you are interested in going, you must have your slip to me by that date! Your child will need a sack lunch on this day. Please don’t send pizza or nacho lunchables or pop as we will be eating on the bus on the way home. Thank you!

Outdoor recess - As spring is approaching please continue to send warm coats with your child. Our morning recess is still cold, even though it warms up later in the day.


We are reviewing all second grade skills with the chapter book Chalk Box Kid.

Reading Homework -no more reading homework this year!


  • dividing a set of objects into equal groups
  • x4 facts
  • choosing a survey question, collecting data and recording it on a graph
  • locating points on a coordinate graph
  • showing and counting back change for $1.00
  • dividing by 2

English and Writing

We started our book writing project. This will take us the rest of the school year. We will be showing all of the writing and English skills we've learned this year in our books. We are pumped to show off all that we have learned as writers!

English: contractions, commas in a series, quotation marks

Spelling Words

Test on THURSDAY! (field trip on Friday) No pretest or challenge list this week.













Data Binders- Look for them Monday!

Link to Wax Museum Pictures!

You can see the entire collection of wax museum photos here. You should also be able to download and save/ print them. Let me know if that part doesn't work!

Important Events


13 2nd Grade Field Trip- Indianapolis Children's Museum

18 Field Day (rain date - May 20)

26 Last Student Day/ End of 4th Quarter


1 Report cards mailed home