Deep Dive into Character

use your own life to animate a reading or understanding

How does an actor make you believe?

Different actors have different ways of thinking about their roles. One of these ways is first to focus on what their character is doing and then relate the character’s actions and reactions to something the actor has experienced in his or her own life. Then, before acting each scene, the actor can think: “What my character is doing in this scene reminds me of . . .”

Link your own life to a specific action

To link scenes and characters in Life Is A Dream to your own life, write out your memories, or “acting notes.” The following example is here to help you think of your own ideas.


Physical Action: Being brought to the King for my punishment

Emotional Action: To hope I can prove my innocence

It Reminds Me Of: Getting in trouble while I was trying to prove that what someone said about me was not true

Choose a character and a scene and start relating . . .

ACT ______, Scene ______ Character ___________________

Physical Action ____________________________________________________________

Emotional Action __________________________________________________________

It Reminds Me Of __________________________________________________________

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