Yliana Martinez

Student Life DRAMA!

A bunch of people have experienced middle school, there is one thing girls and boys alwasy have an experience with for example DRAMA! Drama is a major cause in middle school, guys not liking other guys, girls not liking other girls. Rumors starting, girls tend to start the gossip leading to a big conflict between others. The boys nearly stand back not getting involved, us girls go all the way! Boys are diffrent. If you start rumors about others you start to loose friends, popularity levels go down! Just a warning middle school always has drama!


"Education is very important in your lives!" Have'nt you heard that before? Sounds familiar? Well school is; if you wanna get a job start something you wanna do get your education first. In middle school there are plenty of oppurtunities to help you get college ready. For example AVID Its a class to get college ready meaning how to take notes, give iquiry questions or have an orginized binder. Even better to get ready is to get in PRE-AP courses it wll help you get a better understanding be ahead of your self getting that challenge feel. In a ordinary middle school day there are 8 classes, 45 minutes each and a time break for lunch. Once you arrive to middle school in your path things start to get real!


As you walk down these halls you tend to see "couples" hugging, kissing or just "hanging out" there so called relationships. Middle school is a place where everything starts your harmones are crazy focus levels are un and down. You feel like you want to get with someone, but its not the time to. Education is first, yes it sucks to be into classes all day but there is fun in some cases. Not everything will always be education some doors there will be fun!