The habitats for animals bought to our playground by shrubs.


Shrubs provide places for small mammals, reptiles, frogs and birds to make nest.


Shrubs grow flowers which have nectar which provides food for bees and some birds mammals and invertebrates.

Sources for info

Native aussie shrubs and animals that live in them

Christmas bells

Christmas Bells Blandfordia family grow in New South Wales and Queensland. Like their name suggests, Christmas Bells have yellow flowers that look like bells, or sometimes red flowers with yellow tips. Christmas Bells flower during Christmas time. Bees and other birds that eat nectar like the nectar that these flowers provide, if you have Christmas Bells at home you will not need to worry about what to feed these visitors need that come for food.

Rainbow Lorikeet

The rainbow lorikeet live in bottlebrush trees, they eat the flowers and also make nests for their young.
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Bees use many schrubs with flowers to gather necter wich is used to make honey.
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By Jackson Yann

My name is Jackson , I am a school student and I did this poster for my topic of biodiversity.