Jack Neal

Ceramics 1


I created this project because I thought it was a really cool idea for a whistle. The crocodile shape looks good as a whistle. A problem that i had was getting the perfect shape. I think I wound up with a very good shape. If I could change one thing, I would make a small crocodile body to go with the head shape because that would be very creative.

Hawaiian Hut

I created this project because the idea I had really interested me. The hut was a creative shape for a mug, and I think it turned out well. I had a major problem getting the roof to have the perfect shape. It was also difficult to smooth out the hut after I got the right shape I wanted. If I could change anything about this project, I would perfect the roof even more.

Critique 1

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”

I can successfully identify the shape in this artwork. I see a flower shape somewhat. The clay is formed into a shape that looks like a blooming flower. Texture dominates this artwork. The texture is very smooth. Balance is also evident because the art is evenly spaced out. I dont see a specific mood to go along with the artwork. Overall, I would say this artwork is successful in many ways.

Critique 2

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

I can clearly identify the objects in this artwork as people. Men and snakes are evident in the piece. Texture is evident in this art. Muscles, clothing, and snakes are highlighted. The mood of this is sort of sad because it seems that the snake is attacking. Overall, I would say this artwork is very successful. It is successful because it is so aged and still looks great.