All about Me

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I have 3 family members and 2 dogs. My parent are very likeable they are super smart one is a nure and the other is a firefighter.My brother is only 8 and is crazy and can be very easy to dislike at times but i still love him. My two dogs are named bentley and kasie one is a boston terrier and one is a great dane


My interests include

  • Sports
  • Commentatg
  • Interacting with others

Carreers for these interests are

  • A professional athlete
  • Commentator
  • Anouncer
  • Manager
  • Host on a tv show

Personality tarits

Holland-Social and enterprising

Myers briggs-Enterprising

Enterprising-These individuals like to work with people,influence, persuade,lead or manage for organizational goals or economic gain An enterprising persosnlaity type is often a leader who is talented at oranizing,persuading and managing.

Social-A social person likes tallk and work with other and interact with others. They are not shy and like working n a freindly enviorment and is not affraid to speak out.

Carreers for enterising

  • Buisness manager
  • principle
  • saless manager
  • coach for sports team

Carreers for social

  • Secretary
  • teatcher
  • health instructer
  • lawyer



  • Football(offensive linemen)
  • Introducing myself
  • Being organized
  • Leading

Carreers for these skills

  • Proffesional athlete
  • marketing manager
  • Lawyer/attorney
  • marketing director
  • accoiate brand manager

Multiple intelligence

My strongest Multiple integlence is interpersonal.

Interpersonal means, that you have good communication skills and is very social and open with others


  • administrator
  • manager
  • lawyer/ attorney


My top three life values are

  • Familly
  • Friends
  • Religion

My top three work values are

  • Hospitality
  • work enviorment
  • the manager

Brain orentation

My brain type is right brain, which means im creative, artistic, and thinks out of the box


  • Manager
  • graphic desighner
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My activities at school include football, select choir, and off season football.My activities outside of school include Baseball, Familly and freinds, and watching sports.

Ways to improve myself

Some wasy i could improve myself are

  • have a better drive to get things done
  • persue things better
  • make smarter more achievable goals
  • open myself up more and be more interactive
  • spend more time with my family