Where is Middle Earth?

Germany is the new Middle Earth

Basic Information of Germany

Landscape: Germany has many lowlands in the north, and there some mountains near the swiss border in in the central area of the country.

Language: In Germany, they speak German, of course

Culture: The majority of people are German, 91.5%, and the second largest group being Turkish, 2.4%. German's place a high value for structure, privacy, and punctuality. The majority of the population follows Christianity, 65-70%.

Why Germany is the best Middle Earth

Germany's landscape is the perfect showcase of Middle Earth. It has mountains that are a great representation of the Misty Mountains. It has rolling hills with the best places for a hobbit hole. Just the overall image I get of Middle Earth from the Hobbit fits with the landscape of Germany.

Counter Claims

You might think Middle Earth is a lot larger than a country smaller than Texas, but if you think about it, you don't really know how big Middle Earth is. They didn't have cars so it's not like they can take a ten minute drive and get all the way across the Misty Mountains no problem. They had to walk which would probably make the journey seem longer.