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Get in touch with your inner geek with Deb Evans and AK Stout! Listen in each week as we discuss the use of social technologies on today's Web. Join us along with special guests as we talk about utilizing the various social technology platforms to connect with others. If you think you enjoy technology just as much as you do relationships, this show is for you. At the end of each episode don't miss the #GeekItOut segment where we share cool and useful websites and apps that you just might not know about!

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About Deb Evans, Co-host

Deb spent 16+ years with Computer Explorers, the nation’s leader in technology education as an instructor, franchisee, and CEO. As a franchisee she was recognized as Top Producer, Mentor of the Year (2 years) and Franchisee of the Year. Deb specializes in franchise operations, franchisee relations, and social technology strategies.

Deb believes that franchise operations staff are the unsung heroes of the franchise industry. “Franchising often focuses on franchise sales and expansion at the expense of the operations side of the business. Luckily, there are some best practices and methodical ways for companies to increase same store sales and shorten ramp up so franchise owners are both happier and more profitable,” says Deb.

Deb’s new firm, Deb Evans Consulting LLC, has partnered with Joe Mathews and the Franchise Performance Group to implement a range of franchise operations training, coaching and consulting with the goal of increasing the skill set of the franchise operations staffer. Deb is working with Joe on their first book together “Developing Peak Performing Franchisees” and accompanied academy program for franchisors.

She is greatly influenced by authors Chris Brogan (Trust Agents) and Guy Kawasaki (Enchantment) and their philosophy of “using the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust.”

About AK Stout, Co-host

AK Stout is a seasoned consumer marketer and proven strategist in the realm of social media and digital publicity, possessing the ability to articulate and educate clients about social media trends, habits and behaviors.

Her extensive knowledge and experience with a wide array of social marketing methods including the strategic and tactical use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels has given AK a command of social media marketing best practices, with an ability to incorporate them into program implementation for optimum results.

Recently AK launched a project she coined, “Get Social Baltimore,” an initiative to help Baltimore, MD businesses make better use of social media by learning from one another while helping consumers enjoy enhanced buying experiences through their utilization of social media.

In her spare time, AK very much enjoys working with local non-profits by volunteering her time and donating her social media know-how to help bring awareness to their causes in the community.