SMARTBoard Smackdown is Coming...

Learn from your colleagues!

What is a "smackdown?"

A "smackdown" is an event where participants share tips and tricks in a rapid-fire format. This event is "SMARTBoard-themed" so attendees can leave with a plethora of ideas for using the SMARTBoard or projector with students. Come to observe or come to participate - a new tip or trick will be shared every 90 seconds!

Who is doing the sharing?

Anyone who wants to!

When is this taking place?

Arrowhead - 4/17

Audubon - 4/19

Worcester - 4/27

Eagleville - 5/2

Woodland -

Skyview -

Arcola -

HS -

**Starting time and place will be sent via email from your tech integrator**

What can you share with your colleagues in < 90 seconds?