Bailey Blue- 3rd Period

What is it?

  • This phobia relates to chickens. Not only are people afraid of chickens, they also have a fear of their eggs

How does it effect you?

  • anxiety attacks arise from visiting farm or area chickens are in
  • constantly avoid chickens, whether they are dead or alive
  • nausea or stomach problems when seeing a picture or encountering a chicken

How do you get it?

  • traumatic experience with chicken such as: being attacked or seeing an attack
  • traumatic experience with birds in general such as: being attacked or seeing an attack by a bird
  • develops fear in childhood for no reason and as you grow older the fear grows stronger

This man now most likely will develop a fear of chicken because the situation was very traumatic for him as you can see below...


Therapeutic Options:

  • meditation to relax oneself and lower the overall fear
  • learning to tolerate and control fear when it arises, this is done by seeing images or encountering a chicken and learning to calm oneself
  • therapist changes patients thoughts about chickens so their fear will begin to go away
  • medication like benzodiazepines (this a last resort and is not recommended due to side effects)
  • thinking about where the fear started to remodel the memory to make it seem not so traumatic to patient