Minnesota's Newcomers

Minnesota changed

Alexander Ramsey

I think Alexander Ramsey is a good influential person. Because he was a territorial governor and he made the Dakota give up there land.

About Minnesota


There were many ways to travel back then. Like by train or foot or canoe or oxcart or steamboats or a stagecoach. I would travel by train because it would take less time to get here you want to go.

A quote from someone in Minnesota

You should move to Minnesota. Because they have more land and more space to grow food. Also Minnesota has snow in the winter. You should move to Minnesota because it is a wonderful land to grow stuff and it is beautiful. It also is a good place to build your homes.


St.Paul is important because it was the second largest city in the state of Minnesota. Another reason its important is that in 1849 St.Paul became the state capital.

A slogan

If you come to Minnesota you will be happy. You will have a lot of space to build stuff. Also if you move here there are more animals than any other place. Also you will be able to build anything you want to.