Head U Gator News

October 11 2015

Using strong I can statements

Great evidence from within the building this week of strong I can statements. This is NOT an exhaustive list...just what I captured when I happened to be in rooms!
Please don't worry or wonder if your I can statement isn't shown here. These are just a few that I happened to have noticed and had my camera and remembered to snap the picture!

Also, remember to share I can statements when you work with small groups. They need to be clear about what they are learning AND what they should be able to do.

Reflections information

Try to remind students about the Reflections contest and encourage their participation.

Small group minutes

Minutes for week of : 83% of instruction for reading was held in small groups, while 79% of instruction in math was held in small groups, based on the data I have received. However, that's only 17 out of 23 so it's really incomplete data.

If you haven't gotten your minutes in for this past week (or the week before), please do so now before you forget! http://goo.gl/forms/lToz8qecU2

Employee survey

You should have all gotten a copy of the recent employee survey in your boxes Wednesday. Here is what we saw in analyzing the results, compared to last year (13-14) and this spring (14-15):


The good news is, we went up in the "my co-workers maintain a welcoming atmosphere" and "GCISD is a good place to work." It still is concerning that we have some "disagrees" without having any way to know what we need to do differently, but we'll keep working on it! If you disagreed with a statement on the survey, you would do us a big favor by sharing what we could do differently to help improve things for you.

Kidzu Policy

In order for us to pull a student for instruction, the parent of the student needs to send a note (or email) to Lucy to let her know before you plan to pull them. I know this sounds picky, but when kids don't show up as scheduled, it creates a panic for them which is not something we want to do. If you need to have a child after school for some reason, please just ask the parent to email Lucy the day before and let her know this is going to happen.

Also, we will have a second site director (hopefully starting next week) who is someone we interviewed for the PE position. All of us really liked him and so we think he'll be a great addition to the program. His name is Andrew Martinez, so when you see him, be sure and welcome him to the campus.


We are still trying to work on a bulk S'more account, but you wouldn't believe the issues that have arisen! Hopefully we'll have a resolution this week.

A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

...Jennifer Bisballe, who went into Becky and Leah's class to help their students load Google drive on their iPads and set up folders for each subject for all of them.

....Julie Lee, who worked tirelessly to get seniors back in our building for Gatorville. An excellent opportunity for our students to give back.

...Mary Spencer-Huber, who does an excellent job trying to manage many different needs for students at several campuses.

...our team leaders, who have already proven to be a very committed and thoughtful group, dedicated to leading our building to higher and better performance all the time.

...Jeanette, who works very hard to provide learning opportunities that are targeted at teacher needs.

This week:

Monday, October 12

Start at 8:00- learning together in the morning, including 9 sessions that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Team planning in the afternoon

Tuesday, October 13-

Faculty meeting- we will have this but it will be a shorter than typical meeting

2 things on the agenda: Celebrating each other and successes and sharing the instructional rounds form that will be used by Wednesday's visitors.

Wednesday, October 14

Visitors in the building from 8-10:15


Thursday, October 15

K field trip

MadScience, Good News,Marimba

Friday, October 16


La Academia Espanol (a Spanish subscription program)