Meal Sharing

"Across the street or on the other side of the world"

About This Organization

Meal sharing is an innovative business that allows the user to either host or be guests of meals around the world. The creator, Jay Savsani, created this website in 2012 because he was an avid traveller, and there was nothing better than to eat food made by the locals of that area. He also made this business as a way to meet new people, and make friends all over the world. This is the first business of it's kind.

To begin this nonprofit organization, Jay and his friends (some of which he met while traveling) got together and created a crude website. This website allows users to create accounts so they can request to have a meal with someone in almost any city. After obtaining a big following, they expanded. By expanding, more users were able to go to this website, and to this day, the organization is still expanding. From this one idea, a great nonprofit business was born.

Fred DeLuca Vs. Jay Savsani - Similarities and differences

Jay has far more differences than similarities with Fred. One fundamental difference is that Jay is a social entrepreneur whilst Fred is not. Jay wants to make traveling more enjoyable with the free website he created. The website allows people to host and go to meals with strangers everywhere. Jay did not in any way intend to make money from this venture, but money was the main reason DeLuca started Subway in the first place. In no way did DeLuca even think about Subway being nonprofit. The few similarities that they share would probably be the fact that they are both in the food business, and have a passion for good food. Again, these two entrepreneurs are more different than similar.
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