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Tips & Ideas for Integrating Tech in Science Grades 6-12

The Bridge Between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's

Today we are using Padlet with chemistry teachers to share what "we think" about the Edu Leadership article by Carol Ann Tomlinson. Interested in learning more about Padlet? Click here.
Super Cooled Nickel Ball in Gasoline


First, you may be wondering how to get started, or how to get your kids started. I present you 5 Easy Steps to Use Tackk. Here are some TACKK Lessons for Science in Middle School. Speaking of Science, eeww! If you want to see an example of student work in Tackk try the Egyptian Pyramids. I encourage you to just browse and explore, but when time is short here's a quick explanation of how to Tackk as a teacher.

Biology PBL - Let's Get Ready

Preparation is key for PBL success. Click here for the Google Slides presentation from today. Here is the Form Link used as a progress check. Thinking about the end of the PBL? Here's what your students could use to submit their project:
3 Animals That Breathe Through Their Butts
Why Aren't You Using FLUBAROO?

Flubaroo is an add-on for google sheets that allows the quiz you made in google forms to be graded automatically AND feedback to students is immediate via email. Don't wait any longer!

Bring in an Expert!

If you can imagine it, Nepris can deliver the expert!
Use Nepris!

All RISD teachers have accounts. Just sign up with your risd email address and imagine the possibilities of real scientists visiting your classroom.

PBL Progress Check - Template for Your Use

8th grade science teachers, here is the link for the progress feedback checklist template. You can adjust it for your style. You may want to print it out for a clipboard. You may want to update digitally using a tablet in class. Either way, remember feedback is crucial.
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Aurora Everett - Instructional Technology Specialist for Science

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