Elf's Village

Snow, Fun and CANDY!!!!!!!

The City

C'mon down to Elf's Village where it's fun for everyone! Elf's Village isn't just any city, it is a Geo City. A Geo City contains 6 or more different shapes hidden or embedded within the city. It is also themed on the movie Elf, so it has some pretty cool buildings and names you might recognize. Hope you ENJOY (if you come)!!!!
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First Sights

When you first arrive you see the "Welcome To Elf's Village" sign. The shapes surrounding the Welcome arch are cone shaped trees, sphere jingle bells and a circle shaped wreath on the top.
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The Workshop

Another thing that you might see is "Santa's Workshop". The base of the trees are cylinders, The roof is a triangular prism and the body is a rectangular prism.
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Buddy's and Jovie's Houses

Another interesting part of the village are the elf houses. The base of the houses are cubes with a 30 cm perimeter. The roof is a triangular prism, and the way they sit creates an obtuse angle.
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Candy, CANDY, CANDY!!!!!!

Last but not least, there is a Candy Factory. Elves have 4 main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. The Candy Factory is another rectangular prism, and the arched entrance makes a right angle when it connects to the factory building.
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The streets and creek are named after the 4 food groups to help you get around and see what you want to see. The main street,, Candy Cane Lane is parallel to the Syrup Creek. Candy Drive and Candy Corn Avenue are parallel to each other, and perpendicular to Candy Cane Lane. The 2 intersections form 4 right angles.

Syrup Creek

A delicious part of Elf's Village is Syrup Creek. The bridge is made out of two triangles and an arch. The triangles have two right angles, four acute angles, and an area of about 24 cm. The Creek is also a ray.
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The End

See You Soon!!!