Aerospace Engineering

Alec Barragan

Aeronautical and Astronautical

Aerospace Engineering is divided into two branches Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering . Aeronautical Engineering deals with planes, military jets, helicopters, missiles and rockets. Astronautics involves space and advanced technologies for space exploration. Both of this sub-fields deal with the development of aircraft and space craft. These Engineers can also design defense systems such as satellites and missiles for national defense purposes.
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A career in Aerospace Engineering provides the possibility to work with organisations such as NASA,the Military, private companies and investors.In some institutions these Engineers might even be pilots and members of the armed forces.

What they do

Aerospace Engineers work independently or as a team.They use various methods to solve and troubleshot any kind of problem they are trying to solve.In Astronautics these Engineers plan and orchestrate future space missions, like interstellar travel, planetary exploration and long term space voyages like a trip to mars. Other activities include designing and testing aircraft.
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Average Starting Salary

An Aerospace Engineer has a n average starting salary that depends on their collage degree. A Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering starts at $53,408, Master's $62,459, and Ph.D's at $73,814.

Education requirements

A career in Aerospace requires math and science heavy education, a bachelors degree is the minimum requirement, individuals seeking this career should take courses in chemistry,physics, and math, including algebra,trigonometry, and calculus.
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