Lincoln Agenda

December 7-11, 2015

What's Happening....

Library - Week B

Monday, December 7

8:05 Primary Literacy Meeting In Marcie's room

8:55 Fire Drill - Coats On

Grades 3, 4, 5 Data Talks during Plan Time

1:55 Parent Conference - Alyssa, Christina, Melissa

Tuesday, December 8

8:05 Staff Meeting, Library

PJ Day $1.00, Stuffed Animals 1.00 more.

Grade 5 - Mapping with Mary all day, 8:30-3:00

Kindergarten Germs Presentation 9:00

3:30 Case Conference - Ashleigh, Melissa, Britni

6:00 Board Meeting

Wednesday December 9

8:05 - Time to Work on Ren U

Grade 4 - Mapping with Mary all day, 8:30-3:00

Christina out today @PBIS Conference

9:05 Parent Conference - Paulina, Melissa

Thursday, Dec.10

8:30-3:00 1st Grade Mapping with Mary

3:30 Case Conference - Ashleigh, Alisha, Melissa

Friday, Dec. 11

8:05 Case Conference - Alisha, Melissa, Ashleigh

8:05 Grade Level Meetings

6:00 Staff Holiday Party at Knights of Columbus

Coming Up..

Kindergarten Benchmarks due Dec. 18

January 4-14 Benchmark Testing (Tier 2 & 3 students)

January 11-February 26 WIDA Assessment

January 19-29 STAR 360 Testing

Monthly Meeting Schedule:


Thank you!

Thank you to those of you who took time out of your busy Saturdays/Sundays during the sports seasons to come watch our kids play. Every time I attend a game, a parent comments about how supportive our staff is to our children. We all can't attend everything, and nobody expects you to - but if you can, it is noticed and appreciated by our families.

Thank you to Debra for keeping the library, and subsequently the foyer, looking fantastic! The displays are amazing and our library doors are looking "sweet" right about now. Thank you to Sam for getting the foyer decorated as well. Thank you to Kim for getting the office decor up and looking great as always! Thank you Katie for decorating the cafeteria windows, and to Kathy for making the cafeteria look festive. Awesome teamwork!

Thank you to Karen and Wendy for collecting for gifts for the PTO Board Members. They do so much for our kids as well as for us throughout the year.

PTO Meeting

We do not have a December PTO Meeting. Moving forward, Natalie will take notes at the PTO meetings and then share them out with the staff. Thank you!


Thank you for being present in the halls before and after school. This is important year round, but behaviors can be amplified as we close in on Winter Break.

Sing Along

On Friday, December 18, we will have our Lincoln Sing Along at 2:45. However, to avoid confusion, we will not dismiss straight from the gym as we did last year. Students will go back to their classrooms to get their backpacks and coats, so they will need to be packed up and ready to go home before the Sing Along. If you have thoughts, please let Jackie or Melissa know. Thank you!
Sometimes you just need a fresh idea or two. I love the "cone of excellence" idea in the following link. This could be done with our critical values so they are continuously reinforced in a positive manner. How about a "cone of responsibility"?
Here is a great way to incorporate music into reading and writing. Obviously you need to choose your songs carefully due to the lyrics.