Bailey Inglish PC & BOARD REPORT

January 2023


  • Jan. 10th-Hernandez/Pena Library 9:20

  • Jan. 11th-Health Advisory Lunch 12:00

  • Jan. 12th-Lockdown Drill-11:00

  • Jan. 12th-Alexander/Taylor Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Jan.12th-Parent Meeting 1:00

  • Jan. 13th-Self Assessment Reports Due

  • Jan. 13th-Hernandez/Templeton Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Jan. 16th-Jan. 27th-CLI Testing

  • Jan. 16th-School Holiday

  • Jan. 17th-Policy Council 1:00

  • Jan. 19th-Ford/Keller Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Jan. 20th-McAdams/Esquivel Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Jan. 23rd-School Board Meeting 6:00

  • Jan. 24th-Templeton/Sanchez Libray 9:20

  • Jan. 26th-Lancaster/Downey Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Jan. 26th-Science Night ?

  • Jan. 27th-Jacobsen/DeVore Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Jan. 30th-Site Base Meeting 3:15

  • Feb 1st-Science Day

  • Feb. 2nd-Jones/Bryson Lunch in Cafeteria

  • Feb. 3rd-Counselor Appreciation Day

  • Feb 6th-Staff Meeting-3:15

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Thank You Bonham ISD School Board

We appreciate all the long hours of training, support, serving, and meeting in order to help every student in Bonham ISD reach their highest potential!

Bailey Inglish Enrollment



Head Start-109


Total: 162

HVAC Installed in BI Gym

Over Christmas Break, the gym's HVAC unit was installed on the roof. This installation was made possible through COVID grants awarded to our school. The gym has never had AC so this will make our gym more usable by our students, staff, and community in the hot Texas months.

Board Goal #1: Provide schools which are safe, conducive to learning, and support the physical,

emotional and intellectual well-being of our stakeholders.

Staff Christmas Fun!

Holiday Road Game Show! The BI Staff participated in a Team Building Game Show in December. Lots of fun was had!
12 Days of Christmas! From Dec 1st-Dec. 16th, we had dress-up days and treats for the staff.
Board Goal #2: Attract and retain high quality staff by offering competitive compensation, great working conditions, and recognizing excellence in performance.

Mrs. Clause Reads to BI

Candy Cane Patterning Snack

Board Goal #3: Ensure all students have high levels of academic achievement with a focus on literacy and mathematics through improved leadership, instruction, support, and a climate of

continuous improvement.

Parent/Child Craft Night

Family Drive-In Movie Night

Family Gingerbread House Event

Christmas Parties

Board Goal #4: Promote a positive and service-oriented culture within the Bonham ISD.

Wayne and Brenda Moore Cook Pancakes for BI

Board Goal #5: Improve academic achievement of all students through communication, access to information, and a network of community partnerships.


Monthly Budget Amendments

Monthly Credit Card Report

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Fannin County Head Start’s vision is to provide an

ideal learning environment for young children, to provide

a pleasant place for employees to work, and to provide a

comfortable, inviting atmosphere for parents, businesses

and community members.


Provide young children with an ideal learning environment


* Educates students, staff and community

* Seeks innovative money sources then uses efficient spending

* Plans for improvement

* Involves parents and businesses

* Assesses students’ individual needs

SO THAT: Everyone’s needs are fulfilled, potentials are reached, and happy, productive citizens are developed.

FCHS Head Start Program Goals

Goal 1: Safety. Implement effective safety and emergency procedures for protection of

children and families while in attendance at the Fannin County Head Start program located at the Bailey Inglish Elementary School.

Goal 2: Family Support. Provide parents with information and activities necessary to create healthy parenting and child advocacy skills.

Goal 3: ERSEA. Utilize new procedures and approaches for child attendance, which will

improve average attendance rates.

Goal 4: Teaching & Learning (School Readiness). Improve child outcomes by strengthening instructional approaches as guided by assessment and intervention strategies.

Goal 5: Community Partners. Increase Fannin County community awareness and involvement with the Fannin County Head Start program remains important. As restrictions ease, it is our intent to prioritize this goal.

Suzanne Kennedy Principal & Director