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Friday, March 18th, 2016

Editing Videos from YouTube

Here are a couple of tips to help streamline videos from YouTube:

1 - Use ViewPure to watch and project YouTube videos without seeing the sidebar content. You can even search for your videos on the ViewPure website.

2 - Use TubeChop to show just a part of a YouTube video. You can even share it or put it on Class Dashboard with a link! YOU select a start time and an end time for the desired video!

Random Name Picker

Are you having trouble getting some students to participate? Random Name Picker is a fun and easy to use tool. Just go to the site, edit the names, save your class to use again and again, and spin the wheel to select the next "volunteer". Give it a peek!

FREE PBS Resources

Have you checked out all the great FREE resources from PBS?

Below are JUST A FEW of the many you can find from PBS for free! READY JET GO! is a new animated series about astronomy and Earth science concepts. READY JET GO! encourages a love of learning and exploration, broadening kids' horizons to the outer limits of space and imagination.

Looking to engage your class more deeply with outer space themes? Check out our new interactive "Mindy's Constellation Exploration" and help your students to connect the stars and learn more about the myths and legends that inspired the constellations.

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Is There Life on Mars? | The Advanced Apes

How can we be sure what life on the "Red Planet" may look like? As our technology has improved, we have begun to start answering these questions- but there are still more mysteries to discover and more exciting missions ahead of us... including the potential for a new home away from home.

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How Big is the Solar System? | It’s Okay to be Smart

Take a virtual field trip to one of Austin's famous moontowers to see the enormity of our solar system. With the help of a grapefruit and a lot of walking, your students will get an idea of just how tiny everything is in the enormity of space.

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Neil Armstrong | PBS World Explorers

Neil Armstrong was the leader of mankind's first mission to the moon and the first to set foot on its surface. His words, "That's one small step for man... one giant leap for mankind," are now world-famous. Learn more about the man who summoned the courage to climb on board and command the mission.

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