Math Mania at RPS

Making the Difference

Know the Dates!

  • Benchmark testing opens January 23, 2015 and closes on February 6, 2015.
  • February Grade level sessions: 6th Grade on 02/9, 7th Grade on 02/11, 8th Grade on 02/17

Am I effectively preparing my students for SOL? This is only a start to my checklist.

  1. When preparing my lessons plans, I review
  2. I use the blueprint, performance level descriptors and framework when planning lessons.
  3. All my students have completed, at least one, ARDT strand test in number and number sense AND conferenced with me or tutor about results.
  4. My students receive remediation based on MAP, ARDT, benchmark, or/and teacher created assessment data and other individual weaknesses.
  5. FOR 6th Grade Teachers- I have implemented alternate ways to assess that helps my students prepare for the new SOL CAT-6 assessment.
  6. I keep the parents/guardians updated on student academic progress.
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Other Valuable Resources to Add to Your Growing List!!

It's All About Student Engagement and Learning!

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Engaging students in urban schools