Buy Football Shin Pads Online In UK

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Shin Pads - An Essential Equipment in Football

Being a contact sport, unfair contact between the players during the football game is prohibited by the FIFA law. However, even fair challenges can cause substantial contact on the legs. No doubt, harsh tackles, and serious foul play are violated amidst the game, but this does not mean that it does not happen regularly. While playing a football match, shins are considered as the most unguarded area of the body and an even minor mistake can cause injury. This is because the shin bones are not properly covered by muscles or tissues. In addition, shins are very close to the feet which is the real action area in football as most hard kicks involve legs and feet.

Importance of Shin Pads

Keeping in mind the protection and safety of the player, shin pads are one of the compulsory equipment required to play football. You can buy football shin pads online in UK at cheap prices. Being a defensive gear, shin guard is strapped on beneath the knee-high football stockings and covers the vulnerable shins of players protecting it from tackles, kicks, and other knocks. Without proper protection for your shins, you may end up with several cuts or even a broken shin bone. With good shin pads, you can play on the football field without any fear.

Wearing the shin guards made with the same type of materials is equally necessary. For instance, if one player is wearing metal-plated shin pads while the other decides to wear cardboard strips rather than the shin pads made by the recommended material like rubber or plastic. To buy shin pads online in UK at cheap prices does not always mean that they are made of suitable materials. Hence checking its quality is utmost important.

Needless to say, shin guards do not guarantee non-injury, especially in the case of serious foul play and misconduct. But, it acts as an insurance policy and reduces the risk of harm to your shin bone, in the event of contact.


Football authorities always give importance to player safety and consider it as a serious issue. Without adequate protection in the shin area, the player is not allowed to play the match. Even his entry to the football field may be prohibited. Shin pads are so much important that according to Law 4 (The Players’ Equipment), it is mandatory to use them as basic equipment.

Shin guards are the only one among all the compulsory equipment that has further stipulations. According to the FIFA law, they must be made of approved materials, covered entirely by the stockings and must provide a reasonable degree of protection.