by Ellen

How Long Do Chameleons live?

In the wild Chameleons live 2-3 years but in captivity they live 2-10 years. It depends on how well you take care of them. They are staying alive because, only a few species are endangered also, habatits are getting destroyed. If you adopt a chameleon, remember to take good care of it or them, oh also dont loose your chameleon they blend in with everything!

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What Does a Chameleons Body Look Like?

A chameleons body doesnt say one color. Acually the color varies by species, age and Geographic origan. Their colors cascade leaving it hard to find your pet chameleon, they can blend in with anything and everything! Some chameleons even have horns, they also have 2-3 grouped toes, not 5 like our toes! Their tounge doesnt change color like their body though. If you like these awesome colorful animals, then get one. Although they hide and blend in with things alot, you just might like a chameleon for a pet.

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What Are Chameleons Enemies?

Humans, snakes, and birds. I will tell you why these animals are enemies. Humans love chameleons, which may not be good. Lots are dying because of the lack of humans really caring for their chameleon, and making sure its healthy. Snakes are posinous, they can posin chameleons, they really dont stand a chance aginst snakes, although they can camouflage! also snakes teeth can dig into their soft silky skin. Birds can peck their skin! pretty much any animal with sharp teeth can kill chameleons since their skin is so soft. Dont let your chameleon get near any of these animals, or he or she is dead chameleon meat!

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What Are Some Fun facts About Chameleons?

There are about 160 types of chameleons, and they lay up to 75 eggs! They can catch bugs from far away with their long sticky tounge that is 1 half of the chameleons body. The bugs that they catch can be caught faster than you can blink, the bug stays on the chameleons tounge by the sticky saliva at the end of its tounge. Tempture and emotion changes the colors on a chameleon. Are you overloaded with information yet? i know i am!

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