Clases de Espanol


Maestra Alonso

I am from Venezuela, I came to Houston 20 years ago.
I was a Bilingual teacher and counselor in Pasadena ISD.
I am a happy mother of two amazing kids.
I am so excited to be here teaching Spanish and being a counselor too.

5th Grade goals

This is what we will learn about:
  • We will learn about weather
  • Friends likes and activities
  • School and classroom
  • Food
  • Pastimes

6th Grade Goals

This is what we will learn about:
  • Family parties and restaurants
  • The house and shopping
  • Experiences: vacations and helping the community
  • Modes of communication

7th Grade Goals

This is what we will learn about:
  • Your school day
  • Special Events
  • You and your community
  • Memories of the past


Students are expected to work on Rosetta Stone during the week. 5th grade has 45 minutes weekly. 6th and 7th need to do 60 minutes weekly.

This is the web address for Rosetta Stone:

Students should review their vocabulary words as needed.


How to contact me:

By email:

Or by calling the school phone: (713) 465-0288

Thank you!