Team SWIFT Weekly News

For the Week of January 6, 2013

December Numbers are IN!

Welcome to Team SWIFT

Holy Batman! Do we have a list this week!

Megan Andrewski (VA) - Mentor, Amy Fisher (VA)

Jennifer Martinez (VA) - Mentor, Tammy Miller (VA)

Lea Tilson-Virkus (MN) - Mentor, Melissa Fitzloff (ND)

Kristine Soto (CA) - Mentor, Danielle Griffiths (CA)

Suzy Dekle (GA) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Donna Kramer (NJ) - Mentor, Amanda Burgermeister (MI)

Elizabeth Spalsbury (WI) - Mentor, Barbara Gewalt (TX)

Linda Williams (TN) - Mentor, Katie Blackmore (TN)

Lauren Leggett (WI) - Mentor, Jamie Marden (WI)

Nicole Milford (GA) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Tamara Underwood (TN) - Mentor, Tiffany Harper (TN)

Alicea Einspahr (NE) - Mentor, Sherri Smith (NE)

Erica Southerland (TN) - Mentor, Linda Williams (TN)

Beth Meyers (VA) - Mentor, Tammy Miller (VA)

Gail Bartee (VA) - Mentor, Tammy Miller (VA)

Marie Evans (GA) - Mentor, Barbara Johann (GA)

Stephanie Gibson (TN) - Mentor, Vanessa Petty (TN)

Janna Nelson (MN) - Mentor, Melissa Fitzloff (ND)

Patti Terry (NY) - Mentor, Josephine Tofani (AL)

Kelli Pike (KY) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Sherry Wetzel (WI) - Mentor, Barbara Gewalt (TX)

Jeanne Catalano (VA) - Mentor, Erin Brackett (TN)

Ashley Burton (TN) - Mentor, Sumer Ihle (TN)

Shara Martinho (CA) - Mentor, Danielle Griffiths (CA)

Ashley Jackson (VA) - Mentor, Tammy Miller (VA)

Miranda Miranowski (MN) - Mentor, Melissa Fitzloff (ND)


Official Rankings are not in yet, they show up on the 10th....But Congrats to you all!

Leading Designer:

Kayla Wilcoxson

Rachel Martinez

Joy Barr

Susan Cohen

Michelle Quintana

Mary Whittle

Stacy Davis

Rebecca Hammonds

Sherry Granthom

Sonya Bowling

Xochitl Neri

Team Leader:

Angela Mast

Alaina Cash

Mindi Moon

Happy Birthday!


1st - Ashley Wilson

4th - Tina Graham

9th - Lori Edwards

11th - Linda Williams

12th - Brenda White

14th - Sally Scotten

16th - Xochitl Neri

16th - Kathy Yonkers

26th - Amy Fisher

27th - Megan Ryder

29th - Kristy Blakenship

30th - Tiffany Harper

If I have missed you, Happy Birthday!

Please email it to me at: with your info.!!!

Team Resources


If you are not a part of the Team SWIFT Facebook Group you can request to be added by your mentor or contacting myself.

Team SWIFT DropBox

If you have not accessed the Team DropBox you are missing out! Contact me and I can resend your invitation to join.

Monday Team Call

Monday, Jan. 7th, 9pm

Via Phone

You are invited to participate in a Team Conference call.

To participate please call:

9:00pm Eastern


Access Code: 537207

This week's will cover a few topics:

"Promoting Yourself on the O2 Career Path"

January Regional Event Updates

Company Webinar Schedule

Amping up your Facebook Fan Page

**Note: Because there are many ETL's in our lineage you may get a few different call notifications. Please know, that all calls will be covering the same things.**