March 2019


Up until now, due to a provision in the Oakland County ISD Plan, school districts have been able to prorate FTE hours for 1755 Early Childhood Services for less than the 2 or more hours per week minimum required by the State. However, under a recent revision of the ISD plan, we have had to remove that provision. This will result in the following changes in practice for you:

  1. You may still offer less than 2 hours of service per week for 1755 EC Services if that is what the IEP Team determines to be FAPE for the child, HOWEVER, you may NOT bill for the FTE.
  2. You will no longer need to check the box for 1832e on the IEP as it no longer applies for 1755.

NOTE: You CAN still bill for prorated hours for the Winter 2019 count period.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

ECSE Community of Practice Meetings

Please join us for our next ECSE CoP Meetings. We have 2 more scheduled for the 2018-2019 School Year. Here are the dates and registration links. We will also have guest speakers who will talk to us for about an hour on the listed topics.

March 22nd 1:00-3:30pm Room 170 Presentation on Assistive Technology

To register CLICK HERE

May 3rd 1:00-3:30pm Room 170 Presentation on Traumatic Brain Injury

To register CLICK HERE

You do not have to register to attend. However, if you would like to receive a certificate of attendance for your DPPD hours, it's a good idea.

Five Facts About Motivation That Are Often Misunderstood

Finding ways to motivate children can be a tough task. Sustaining motivation can be even tougher. The Harvard University Center on the Developing Child shares 5 facts that may help you refine your ability to motivate your students. Interested in learning more? CLICK HERE

Resources Available Through OS Information Center

Need to expand your knowledge but are short on funds? Did you know we have a number of resources available for you to borrow for FREE? Check out the list of items related to ECSE by clicking HERE. Ready to check out an item? Click here to access the new Information Center link on the newly updated Oakland Schools website. Please note, you will need to set up an OS library card before you can check out items.

Check Out These Great Resources on Inclusion

Head Start has required 10% of the students they serve to be children with disabilities since 1972. So naturally the would have some great resources on inclusion, right? They do! The Center for Head Start Inclusion website offers a variety of resources targeted towards educators, families, trainers, disability coordinators, and more. They also have resources in Spanish. Check them out at or CLICK HERE.

Questions? Contact Me!

Elaine Tadajewski

Early Childhood Compliance Consultant