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Special Edition: 1st Day of School Info For Students

1st Day Is Unique!

The 1st day of school is Wednesday September 4th. Fife High School has a unique first day of school. It is a day designed primarily to welcome to the Trojan Family incoming Sophomores and new to Fife School District students. This newsletter is for students to make sure you know what you are doing for the 1st day.

What do I bring for the first day?

Just bring something to write with and your lunch (if you don't buy lunch at school.)

Info For 10th Grade and New to Fife 11-12th Grade Students:

You should arrive prior to the 7:40am start time. When you get to school go to the courtyard to "check in" and get your materials needed for the day. On the first day of school you don't need to bring any books, notebooks, etc. other then something to write with.

Transportation: 10th Graders and new to Fife School District 11-12th graders will be picked up according to the regular Tuesday-Friday bus schedule. School starts at 7:40am for 10th and new to Fife students.

All School Lunch

There is only 1 lunch period on the first day, 11-11:40am for all 10-12th grade students.

Go to your Family Class after Lunch!

Info for Returning 11-12th Grade Students:

Grades 11-12 should arrive at school in time for lunch at 11:00am. Do not arrive before 11am. Class begins in students “Family” class at 11:45AM. Please check your schedules on Skyward to determine your family class, we will have staff members helping students find their Family class if they are uncertain of where they are to go.

9th Grader who comes to FHS for 1st period?

If you are a 9th grader who comes to FHS for the first period, you will not come to the high school on the first day (report to Columbia). Your first day at FHS will be Thursday the 5th.

What is the schedule after lunch?

11:00 - 11:40 All school lunch

11:45 - 12:30 Family

12:30-12:40 Break

12:40 - 1:10 Family

1:15 - 2:20 Assembly

Will I get a copy of my schedule?

Yes! 10th graders and new students will get a hard copy of their updated schedules when you arrive to school at 7:40am.

Returning students will get a hard copy of their schedules during Family. Some students schedules have changed, so be sure to look carefully at your new copy.

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