Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



10/21 CYCLE DAY 10

Pablos Fundraiser Night 4-8

10/22 CYCLE DAY 1

Field Trip Lowry Nature Center-Victoria/Gunderson, Altonen, and Studtmann 8:45-2:30

10/23 CYCLE DAY 2

Field Trip Lowry Nature Center-Victoria/Hartman, Knutson, and Scott

10/24 CYCLE DAY 3

Climb Theater for K-2 8:40

10/25 CYCLE DAY 4

I-Team 7:30

PTO Event: Kindergarten Breakfast/Music Room 7:30


28 4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9

29 Prof Dev/Gifford Cluster 7:30

30 2nd Grade Hearing Screening,

8:40-2:00 (Conference Room B)

31 Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35



I-Team Meeting 7:30

Harvest Party

Enjoy your break!


*Steph and Natalie, thanks for “no new learning” on our PD day and for doing your all in a different space with teachers who are tired. We appreciate you and all your guidance!

*Amy and Ben, thank you for for representing Jackson at union meetings and for helping to keep us informed during this negotiations cycle.

*Specialist teachers, THANK YOU for stepping up and helping to manage the Fun Run on Tuesday. This was an unexpected change and we appreciate you rolling with it.

*To Pete, Jody, Deann, and others on iteam, thank you for your quick responses about a student concern I have.

*Sandy, thanks for taking the lead and beginning an intervention for a student we share. Working with you makes me a better teacher!

*Thank you, Charlotte, I love my new lunchroom ENVOY sign!

Sari, thank you for checking in with me and recommending a massage. You were soooooo right!

*Schleper, thank you for all your hard work on iteam — there’s no one better for the job.

*Martie, the coffee on Wednesday was exactly what I never knew I always needed. Thanks for thinking of me and planning ahead.

*Luci, I enjoy debriefing with you at the end of the school day. You are a terrific sounding board.

*Boumeester, the math pathway is better with you to collaborate with. Thanks for all your professional and personal support!

**Thank you, Char, for being a great team leader, you’re doing a wonderful job!

*Thank you, Rachael, for putting together a great lesson for our first graders!

*Thank you Sandy Boyce. I was able to breathe easier after your intervention!

*Jenny Larsen, thank you for being a great morning PD buddy!

*Kelsey Angell, thank you for taking the time to meet with me re: LIFT materials. Thank you, in advance, for all the occasions we’ll be chatting and mini-PLCing! 😉

*Kaitlin Wermerskirchen, thank you for allowing my children and I to explore your room for ingenious inventions! (I meant to send this thank you earlier…but forgot. SORRY)!

DLC Quick Tip - Email Etiquette and Organization

Email. It is essential to the functioning of any workplace but it also can add a lot of stress to our already busy days. The sheer volume of emails we receive daily can be daunting so I thought it would be good to go over a few etiquette tips that will help everyone and give you tips on how to manage your inbox. If we all do our part by following these etiquette tips, we will all be happier!

Read the full blog entry here.


10/25 Nicole Lightfoot

10/28 Charlotte Leonard

10/31 Betsi Arvin

11/1 Wendy Petersen

11/2 Angie Siplinger

11/8 Jeff Triest

11/13 Jeff Hager

11/23 Dan Olson

11/30 Tiffany Hall

12/3 Kathy Clarke

12/3 Kathie Rue

12/4 Carolyn Apfelbach

12/8 Kim Hackel

12/8 Marty Schmidt

12/9 Diane Crist

12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller

12/11 Alexa Plouman

12/12 Brooke VonBank

12/16 Luci Drill Mellum

12/18 Lexie Schilling

12/24 Noel Reinke

12/25 Brandie Rush