Food Dyes

and it affects ADHD and how prevent it from hyperactivity

What you may not know about food dyes.

Food dyes contain petroleum condiments. This is from crude oil and is mostly the color yellow, but it can also be in other colors too. Also blue food dye is the same stuff that colors most blue jeans. Food coloring has been associated with bedwetting, hyperactivity, sleeping disturbances, headaches, ear infections, hives, cancer, and many problems with ADHD and ADD.

Food coloring can cause brain damage.

It is not common to have brain damage from food coloring, but 15 million people have a slight or severe cause of brain damage. This can come from salad dressing, pickles, yogurt, breakfast pastries, and even colored drinks such Gatorade are all part of the problem.A certain shade of blue that a lab tested on rats showed a tumor in multiple rats' brains. This may also not be true with humans.

Artificial food coloring can cause problems in people with ADHD.

With ADHD and food coloring makes a person to have more hyperactivity. And having hyperactivity and ADHD is not good I read multiple stories, but one story stood out. The kid went haywire and started throwing food.
In conclusion, to this, some food coloring is bad for ADHD and ADD, but some won't harm so I think that you need to read the labels and look up to see if it is okay to eat.

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