FHS Library Newsblast February 2017

E. Frank Bayer, LMS

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Have a Blind Date with a Book for Valentine's Day

February 13th throught February 18th we will be hosting a "blind date with a book." Books will be wrapped and students may choose a book based on genre alone, no cover peeking allowed. Each student will be able to write a mini review of the book. Encourage your students to read a "blind date" book. Give extra credit for mini reviews. We will be offering prizes to students who complete mini reviews too.
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Have a Heart! Some favorite websites about the heart.

http://www.innerbody.com/image/cardov.html Review of the circulatory system, contains interactive view of the human body.

The American Heart Association has a healthy body guide. There are recipes, exercise guides and other useful data. Watch, Know Learn has many short films about a large variety of topics, most contain quiz questions at the end of the film clips. Heart Disease Facts has a clear, concise summary of information about heart disease from the CDC.

New Arrivals: So Hot We Can't Keep Them on the Shelf!

Celebrate Black History Month!

Visit the library to explore some of our books about Black History. Many of our books are available online. To explore the online catalog, go to Follett Shelf. Log into the Follett Shelf with your unique Username and password. Please stop by the library to get your user name and password. Teachers, encourage your students to get their access codes too and have them take notes on the books they read online. Some titles available online are Black History of the White House by C. Lusane, which shares stories of slaves, servants, Secret Service Agents all the way up to the Obamas; The Story of the Negro Leagues, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America and many other titles.
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Black Quotidian: Everyday Moments in African American History

The newspaper pictured above is from a new website called Black Quotidian by Matthew Delmont. He archives daily historical events, searchable by month or topic. Some of the most popular posts are "Madame President?: Our Shirley [Chisholm] First Black Woman to Run," NY Amsterdam News and Marian Anderson's landmark performance at Lincoln Memorial, reported in Chicago Defender.
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Diverse Minds Writing Challenge is in Full swing!

Ms. Fasolakis' students are creating picture books about diversity to be entered into The Diverse Minds Writing Competition. If you know any other students who have a story in their head and would like to enter the competition, let me know! Deadline is March 24th.

Pictured above is the 2016 Winning Book from the D. C. area, written by Anahit Kanayan. Each winner will receive a $5,000 college scholarship and have their work published.

Free Books for Your Classroom

Project Cicero primary goal is to place books in classroom libraries, homeless shelters and other places in under-resourced areas where there is a need. Once a year, teachers are invited to browse through a wide assortment of books and take what they can carry for their classrooms. This year's event is being held on March 11 and March 12 at Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Avenue, New York City. If you wish to attend, sign up today, spots go fast. I went last year and took away so many great books I was barely able to lift my suitcase.

Register at the Project Cicero website.